Phoenix Metal Detector 3D Imaging German Technology 2021

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The New Product in 2021: Phoenix 3D Ground Scanner
Phoenix metal detector is a 3D ground scanner with a completely new ground scanning technology that ensures faster and more accurate results in finding and detection of ancient treasures and burials at very great depths.
Mega Detection company cooperates with Golden Detector company in Abu Dhabi provides, Phoenix 3D ground scanner, an effective professional device with 3 search systems suitable for professional prospectors and treasure hunters looking for antiquities and gold treasures.
Device Features:
-          Powerful completely new ground scan technology with great depth reaches up to 40 meters
-          Multi-Ground Scanner (M.G.S) probe for a 3D ground scan with wider coverage and accurate results
-          New Vertical High Signal Transceiver (V.S.T) probe for live ground scan and pinpointing
-          3 Search systems with different detection technologies that fit all needs of professional treasure hunters including
·         Ground Scan
·          Live Stream
·          Pinpointer
-          2D Visualization of scan results for all systems on the device screen
-          3D Visualization on any supported Android tablet via Multi Visual Analyzer app.
-          Powerful modern software program enables easy settings adjustment and results in the display
-          5 Years warranty
Phoenix 3D Scanner available now with free shipping worldwide via DHL.
Contact us to know the price, payment methods, and shipping details
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