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Below are the most frequently asked questions, they are in seven sections, please choose the appropriate section for your enquiry:

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General Questions

Ads and Listings

Community & Feedback

Flight and Hotel Bookings

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Payments & Refunds

Security & Privacy



General Questions


Q. Are the listings in all the categories free?

A. Yes, listing in all categories is 100% free permanently (Excluding the Job Portal), No nasty surprises in the future, only pay for optional upgrades.

Q. Can I trade as a Business Seller for free here?

A. Yes, Listings are 100% free permanently for Private & Business Sellers, as well as registered charities in Ireland.


Q. Do I need a credit card or my PayPal's-registered email address to join?

A. No, even if you are paying for the optional upgrades; charges are handled by external companies (Stripe & Paypal), we do not store any financial details on our server.

Q. I’m selling some items and will donate the proceeds to a Charity. Can I register as a Charity and list them as Charity listings?

A. No, to prevent fraud and money laundering, you can register and sell as a charity only if you have a legitimate valid Charity number in the Republic of Ireland.


Q. What items are restricted to Advertise?

A. Basically, anything that is illegal, dangerous, obscene or offensive to others, please see further details for restricted items see this Article


Q. Why do you not advertise Pets?

A. There is an increase of stolen pets and breeding purely for profit.

We do not want to encourage this practice. so, we suggest contacting your local rescue centre as there are lots of abandoned pets needing loving homes... further info is shown under Pet policy.

Q. Can I sell medicines here?

A. No, the sale of Medicines is prohibited on Celtic Zone.

Ads and Listings

Q. Can I amend or change the wording of my Ad?

A. Yes, you can do that at any time under (My Adverts) link.

Q. Can I amend the price shown in my Ad?

A. Yes, by editing your ad, just visit your account and select the ad you want to edit.

Q. How long will my ads be displayed?

A. 90 Days.

Q. Can I post the same ad in different categories to promote it?

A. No, you may only post the ad in the most suitable category; Duplicate ads will be removed without notice.

Q. Can I drag & drop pictures when I’m creating an Ad?

A. Yes, you can, our system has this feature built in, and you can even rotate the picture while editing the ad.

Q. Can I rotate the pictures when I’m creating an Ad?

A. Yes, you can, just click on the picture while creating or editing the ad, and it will show the rotating icon.

Q. Can I change my listing from an Ad listing to BuyNow listing?

A. Yes, you can. just edit the ad under your account and enable the BuyNow option.

Q. Can I charge for shipping?

A. Yes, you can but may we suggest asking for reasonable shipping rates as a courtesy for other users.

Q. I have paid the seller using the BuyNow option but the seller never delivered. What should I do?

A. Contact the seller first, if he doesn’t answer; open a dispute with Paypal to receive a refund.

Q. I purchased an item using the BuyNow option but I changed my mind, how can I cancel the transaction?

A. You can usually cancel the transaction if the money hasn’t been claimed, check this short tutorial.  

Q. I sold an item using the BuyNow option but I changed my mind and don’t want to sell it, is that OK?

A. We highly suggest completing the transaction as a goodwill gesture. But if you still don’t want to sell the item; please contact the buyer first to reach an agreement before refunding the payment and cancelling the transaction.

Q. I bought an item by a mistake, can I cancel the transaction and receive a refund?

A. Please contact the seller to reach an agreement.

Q. I deleted my ad, how can I get it back?

A. Unfortunately, it is not possible to retrieve deleted ads.

Q. What happens when my Ad expires?

A. They will be under your account for a further 30 days before the system will automatically delete them, you may renew your ads for a further 90 days for free during this period to keep the ads alive.

Q. Can I remove my Ad once listed?

A. Yes, you can by deleting it under your account.

Community & Ratings

Q. Why do you call Celtic Zone a community marketplace?


  • We don’t impose charges on the users. People have enough expenses.
  • We are providing the charities with a hub to call home. Celtic Zone is currently the only marketplace with a dedicated section to Charity Shops.
  • We have unlimited support for Charities. From publishing their events, sharing the thoughts of those in need, to driving traffic to their websites.
  • Total support for small businesses. We feature small businesses free of charge and provide useful information to assist them.
  • We have included and continue to provide useful tools for our users, such as the weather forecast facility.

Q. How can I contact the Advertiser/Seller?

A. In the ad, you will find the contact details of the Advertiser by the ad’s images.

Q. What if I have a complaint about another user?

A. In the unfortunate event of disputes or misbehaviour of other users; please contact us and/or report it to the Garda where appropriate.

Q. The Buyer left me a negative rating, how can I remove it?

A. Please contact the buyer first to solve the issue which caused the negative rating. If you have reached an agreement to remove it, please ask the buyer to contact us to proceed.

Alternatively, If the buyer left you an unfair negative rating and you believe it should be removed; please contact us with the full details to reverse the rating.

Q. The Buyer left a rating which violates your Terms and Conditions, would you remove it?

A. Please report this rating to us.

Q. Why are you using the Facebook plugin for comments instead of your own comments system?

A. We are using the Facebook plugin for the following reasons:

  • It is easy. Anyone can make a comment without the need to be logged into Celtic Zone, but they need to be logged into their Facebook account (which we do most of the time).
  • It reveals the identity of the commentator, which reduces spam messages and encourages the user to post positive messages; resulting in a more transparent community.
  •  You can also share your comment on your Facebook account for your convenience.

If you need to ask the seller a private question please use the message button on the listing.

Flight and Hotel Bookings

Q. What if I have an issue with a Flight or a Hotel booking made on Celtic Zone?

A. The comparison service on our website is provided by a partner and presented to our users as is, before you book your hotel/flight ticket please read the vendor’s information carefully, and make sure that you are aware of all the terms of sale, if you are experiencing issues with your reservation or wish to amend it; please contact the prospective agency/hotel reservation provider directly.

Q. I found a cheaper price for a flight ticket or a hotel room, can you match it?

A. Unfortunately, we won’t be able to. The prices shown in the comparison are the best our partners can offer.

My Account & Profile

Q. How to register and how long does it take?

A. It should only take a few seconds.

Use the (Register) button on the top of the website; choose your desired username, password and enter your email address. We recommend using a strong password which contains upper and lower letters, as well as special characters. 

Q. How old should I be to use the website?

A. Our Minimum age to be a member is 18 Years old, if you are under this age please ask your parents/guardians to register and trade on your behalf.

Q. Can I register more than one account?

A. Celtic Zone Members can register one account only per person.

Q. What happens if I forget my Username or Password?

A. Just click on (My Celtic Zone) on the main menu and choose the appropriate option to recover your username or reset your password, this information is secured on our system and fully automated.

We strongly recommend changing your password every 2-3 months.

Q. How do I edit my account?

A. Login to your account and click on (My Celtic Zone) to edit your profile.

Q. Why has my account been suspended?

A. There are a few reasons for suspending an account on Celtic Zone. For example: Violating our terms and conditions, registering as a Charity when inapplicable, spamming, harassing other members, posting ads containing illegal materials, use of foul language/images etc.

Q. How can I close my account?

A. Please contact us. You will need a proof of ID to do so.

Payments & Refunds

Q. What payment types do you accept for upgrades?

A. We are using Paypal and Stripe for payments, both accept virtually any card type such as Visa, Master Card, American Express, Diners, JCB, Visa Debit, etc.

Q. If I pay for an Ad upgrade, can I get a refund if I change my mind?

A. Once the ad is published unfortunately no refunds are given.

Q. I purchased an item using the BuyNow and paid by Paypal, Can I return the purchased items and get my money back?

A. Commercial purchases on Paypal should be covered if it meets PayPal’s buyer protection policy, so make sure to pay the seller as (Goods or Services) and never pay him/her as (Friends & Family).

In the unfortunate event of a dispute; you will need to file a case on your PayPal account, for full details on PayPal’s cover protection please visit this link.


Q. What is the direct payment service and how does it work?

A. The direct payment option allows Sellers & Buyers to trade with ease without the need for multiple communications between the two parties to arrange the payment.

To avail of the service:

  •  The seller needs to add their registered PayPal email address under their profile first by going to the profile editing page (Your PayPal email address won’t be visible on your public profile).
  • List the item with the (BuyNow) option.
  • Once the buyer clicks on the BuyNow button on the listing it will forward them automatically to PayPal and make payment using the previously entered PayPal email address.
  • Both parties will receive notification from PayPal for the transaction, and the buyer will need to post/deliver the purchased item.

Please note that the process is fully automated and we have no control over it.

Security & Privacy

Q. Who can see my Information?

A. Only Celtic Zone’s staff can see your basic registration details (Excluding Your Password & PayPal’s email address). As for your ads, all members of the public can view the information you provided in the submitted ads.

Q. Do you show my contact details when you post my Ad on the Facebook Page?

A. No, only the main picture and part of the description will be displayed on our Facebook page with a link to your ad, we take our members privacy very seriously.

Q. What security measures did Celtic Zone take to protect users’ information?

A. User’s information is secured with a 256bit SSL certificate and all images are being scanned for viruses during the upload process.

Q. Can Celtic Zone amend or change my Ad in any way?

A. No, we do not. In exceptional circumstances; we may remove an Ad if it does not meet our terms and conditions, and may do so without notice.

Q. Are Stripe & PayPal secure to use?

A. Yes, these firms take the data safety very seriously and they are secure.

Q. My account is highjacked and I can no longer access it, how can I retrieve it?

A. Please contact us, you will need to verify your identity for security purposes.


Q. What should I do if I suspect something is stolen?

A. Contact your local Garda station, and please let us know by filling the contact form. (link)

Q. What action should I take if I come across an illegal or offensive ad?

A. You can report it to us by using the report function on the ad under the ad’s image.

Q. I received an email from Celtic Zone asking for my credit card or banking details, why?

A. We will never ask you for your banking details in any form of communication, this is a fraudulent phishing email, please delete it immediately and let us know to warn the other community members.

A good practice for detecting fraudulent emails is by checking the website’s URL in the address bar of the browser, if it doesn’t correspond to the intended website; then it is a phishing scam.  

Q. I received an email from Celtic Zone asking me to update my details, should I click on the link in the email?

A. Celtic Zone will never send you such an email with a link in it. We may send you an email to remind you to update your information but it will never contain a link.

Q. The Seller is asking me for a deposit to secure the sale, should I do it?

A. For security reasons, we recommend making a full payment transaction on collection, or using the BuyNow option.

Q. I’m buying a car from a Seller abroad and he/she is asking me for the payment upfront including shipping using Paypal or Western Union, should I do it?

A. Never buy a car without viewing it. We recommend buying a local vehicle after inspecting it, paying for it by a crossed cheque or cash, and ask for a receipt, beware of scams.

Still can’t find what you are looking for? Please contact us with any enquiries.

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