Memoirs of Celtic Zone



After the economic collapse in 2008; thousands of people in Ireland lost their jobs including ourselves; the founders of Celtic Zone.

Many people turned to the Charity shops as an alternative for part of their shopping due to financial hardship, and that made the Charity shops more popular than ever.

Others were hunting online bargains….

However, people were facing issues like:

  • Not everyone had easy access to the Charity shops for many reasons including: working the same hours as the shop, a tight time schedule, lack of transportation, or for personal circumstances, etc.
  • People were overwhelmed with bills and expenses which they could not afford, including online Marketplace fees to de-clutter their homes, and convert their much-loved items into cash.
  • Small businesses were struggling to trade online while being shackled by various expenses and found the going tough.

For these reasons, many of which remain the same today; we believe it should be free to trade online, and we are happy to offer you our services as such while inviting the Charity shops to trade on our platform for your convenience.

Before building the Celtic Zone website; we tried to setup a retail business which was not successful. We attempted to sell the remaining stock on other marketplaces as wholesale and paid every time for listings, upgrades, etc. and the stock still wasn’t sold; which caused further time, effort and financial loss.  

This is where the idea of Celtic Zone came from. We wanted to offer Buyers, Sellers and Charities a marketplace to call home, without imposed charges, and to make it a Permanently-FREE trading hub, even for Businesses.

Celtic Zone is a unique, crafted in Ireland, one-stop-shop marketplace. Which is made with the community in mind, providing a dedicated trading section on our platform for verified Charity listings. It incorporates a tremendous amount of small helpful detail to make the user experience as pleasant as possible, and we will continue to improve our services as per your valuable feedback.

As well as being a traditional online marketplace; we offer other useful services provided by our partners, such as a competitively-priced Flight and Hotel comparison section with many bargains.

In addition to this; we have useful tools such as:

  • Worldwide and local weather forecasts. This feature you may find helpful when planning your journey to collect purchases from sellers, or simply to check the weather before booking Holiday dates.
  • Unit Converter. Which is handy for example if you want to convert inches to CM (and vice versa) when considering buying furniture listed here, or meters to feet for a property. There are various converter parameters included.
  • BMI (Body Mass Index) Calculator. To determine if you have a healthy body mass index in a simple and effortless way, just enter your weight and height to generate the results.

And more will be added in the future.

We have also included detailed guides & documentation on our website above the related sections, because it made sense to do so, rather than navigating the website to find them.

The community is our main focus; we have unlimited support for charities and businesses, as well as private sellers, without the corporate gimmicks.


Though, we are not a Charity Organization ourselves;  we are passionate about helping others where we can through our website.

We hope you will find our website as planned, but if you find it otherwise; we would appreciate your feedback.

Thank you for considering our marketplace, and we welcome you to the Celtic Zone Community.

From me (Susan) and The Celtic Zone Team


The Boring Stuff is a property of Celtic Zone , registered in the Republic of Ireland under registration No.  531943

Celtic Zone and its Logo are Pending-trademark ™ , the design is protected by Copyrights ©, all rights reserved.      

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