Our Pet and Animal Welfare Policy

Here at Celtic Zone we have NOT created a section for pets, and hope you understand that this is a conscientious decision made by the company to avoid sales of pets, and breeding for profit.   

However, there is a section for pet supplies. Should any pets be listed in the wrong section deliberately by the user; then we reserve the right to remove the Ad without notice, and may terminate the user account.

We do however allow advertising of farm animals only as part of a necessity related to farming. Please note it is illegal to give away animals less than 8 weeks old, Foals must be at least 8 months old, and it is also illegal to transfer animals in the post anywhere including internationally.

Why we advertise Pet Supplies only?

This was a difficult decision as most of us love our Pets dearly as family members. They bring us great joy and comfort, most of us tend to spoil them but as we all know there are always a few that don't.

We decided not to advertise pets on our website to avoid unscrupulous breeders, dog farms and some individuals selling them for huge profits. These animals are often not as healthy as they should be, and their living condition in some of these facilities is inhumane.

Some of these breeders use sales tactics to catch unsuspecting members of the public unaware of where the animal has come from, we know the majority of users are pet lovers as we are, and hope you understand our decision.

Did you know......?

There are pet Adoption schemes at your Local Rescue Centres all over Ireland; the following are links to some charities where you can adopt rescued pets:

ISPCA Ireland

Adopt a pet





Ash Animal Rescue



IHRP Ireland

West Cork Animals

And there are many more

Often the type of pet you want is already out there needing a loving home, the advantage of this is you will be sure to have:

  • A pet that will cost you nothing or a small donation, which represents a fraction of the price you pay breeders and is already inoculated.
  • You are doing so much good for a soul that could be put to sleep if a home is not found, as these institutes just do not have enough room or funds for all of the abandoned animals.

Please be careful:

When you find an animal website; do check who they are first and make sure they are official. The official sites should have a company registration number, and beware of online scammers that request money through fictitious animal stories.

For example, one online example was: a couple were travelling overseas and found an abandoned dog they could not take with them, and were collecting money online in the ad to send the Dog to Ireland !!! they even put bank account details, these scammers play on your kindness and good nature, don't get caught out ...Check it out.

The Animal Health and Welfare Act 2013 include a provision for increased powers for authorised officers to investigate complaints of animal cruelty and stricter penalties on convictions.

New penalties for convictions include powers granted to a judge to ban a person from owning an animal, and a maximum five-year prison sentence.

To report animal cruelty please visit DSPCA and report the incident/suspicion to the local Garda.

If you come across a pet Ad listed, or any suspicions of animal cruelty practiced in a listing on Celtic Zone before we do; please notify us to take action.

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