Helpful Selling Tips


  • Make sure your Ad is in the correct section, otherwise you will not have so many viewers; they will not be searching in the wrong area (Not everyone uses the search facility), in addition, your chances of selling could be dramatically reduced.
  • Have a concise short but expressive Ad title. Think which keywords would the buyer use to search for your item.
  • Having photos will really help you to sell your item, and good clear photos increase your chances of a quicker sale. As well as the complete item picture; take closeup detailed areas like the side, front and back, also the interiors where applicable. This gives the buyer a more informed decision before making a purchase and enhances your chances of selling.
  • Give a true informative description of the item and mention if any damage, otherwise you might end up wasting your time and others when it comes to a viewing. There are many people who are willing to compromise if you are honest, people really appreciate it.
  • Communicate the benefits of your product in the listing and why it worth buying.
  • Include all the relevant details such as brand, model, colour, size, length, width and depth where applicable such as in furniture. It will save time with communications and will help you to attract the right buyer.
  • Always include a price, many viewers will not bother if the advertiser does not do so, as it gives the impression the item is expensive.
  • Do give a realistic price if you want to sell, one that both parties can be happy with.
  • An extra option is to add a video clip of the product, keep it short, sweet and to the point. You can also upload the video to YouTube or Vimeo for free. Should this feature be abused on Celtic Zone by placing obscene offensive material; action will be taken against the offender. We respect our customer values and morals. Thank you for your co-operation.
  • Check that the spelling of your Ad is correct and avoid any misunderstandings/misrepresentations; read it one last time to make sure you are happy with it before submitting.
  • Upgrading your Ad will help you to sell much easier, many people don’t have time to browse through ads, there are few very low-cost upgrades, for example making your ad in bold, have a border, be first at the top of other ads, with distinguished background or as a special ad (highly recommended). These upgrades will give your item better, chances of being sold.
  • If your product has good online reviews; mention them in the listing.
  • Make it easy to contact you, including a mobile phone number in your listing.
  • If you are selling a vehicle, the obvious like a valid NCT is a good start but offering existing extras is a great bonus, for example including the GPS Sat Nav or Car DVD monitor seals the deal for someone. You can always offer the buyer the option to include these extras for a small price increment.
  • Complete your profile under your account, people prefer to see and know more about the seller they are buying from.
  • If you are a business seller and have an established business; mention that in the listing and state your brand values.
  • Offer after sales support, it doesn’t cost you anything to say, “If you buy my product and have questions before or after the sale you are welcome”.
  • Offer PayPal as a payment method because it is safe for buyers, you can list your item as BuyNow and by entering your PayPal email address under your profile; buyers can pay you directly even without back and forth messages. Please note that by entering your PayPal email address under your profile; it won’t be visible to the public.
  • If your potential customer specified that they will pay cash and your item is pricey or not cheap; offer them a written receipt to give them confidence.  
  • Follow up on any enquiries you received without being pushy.
  • Cross-Sell: if you have more than one item; just add a short line by the end of the listing stating that you are selling other items to promote them.
  • Offer a warranty where applicable, buyers expectations are high in today’s tough commercial competition. 
  • Share your ad on Social Networks, it is easy.... with one click on your chosen social media icon on your listing; your ad will be shared with your friends instantly, this will expand your Audience with just one click when the ad is ready, also our system will post your ad automatically on our Facebook page to increase its visibility.
  • Check the number of your ad views daily to see the amount of interest in it. If you have a low number of views; consider changing the title or the description. Using some of the above tips could help you sell the item much quicker.
  • Remember to remove your ad once it is sold to avoid further enquiries from buyers unless you are a business seller and have further stock of the same product.

Happy Selling!!!

Important note

 Under no circumstances must stolen or illegal goods be listed on Celtic Zone. This could result in serious consequences as the user account will be suspended pending investigation and likely Garda intervention.

Please refer to our full terms and conditions, and If you see any suspicious ads please report them to us.

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